maureenA painter, maker of masks, a performer, a teacher, a consummate artist, Maureen Gilli says, “give me a design problem and the juices start flowing.” For years, Maureen has explored the many facets of mask making, mask history and their various uses. Sculpting each mask with found materials, hand-made paper, feathers, grasses and other light weight objects, Maureen captures the spirit and soul of those who might have worn such a mask for a hunt or for petitions to the Gods to supply them with their needs. Colorful, dramatic birds continue to intrigue and be a favorite for her creative masks.

Gilli enjoys working with all art elements. Materials she finds in the environment create her originally stunning masks. She will pick up things on the beach, in her own backyard, and anywhere else where she finds something that she can use. Inspired by the message of the “common man,” many of her pieces incorporate influence borrowed from tribal cultures, and show her great love of birds. In fact, many of her art pieces look as if they could just fly away with their delicately intricate design and strong imaginative voice.